It has been an interesting two months working with one of IU’s Greek chapters as they prepare for and compete in the Little 500.  With a full load of classes and working on my thesis for my MFA I agreed to help document Beta Theta Pi Cycling this semester pro bono as a thank for helping out last semester year on my documentary piece – The Beta Project.  While I wanted to cover their training and behind the scenes it seemed their busy schedules and mine simply precluded us finding the time we needed to work on anything outside of the events and qualifications.  During the time I was able to etch out I covered their wins and missteps along the way to seeing both the pole position secured for the second year in a row and their taking of the green jersey in the IUSF competition.  In all, it was a hectic time with 40+ hours per week devoted to capturing and editing down images to best capture this intense event that for each and every one of them was a personal race that together as a team they excelled and pushed through to winning the 2013 championship this year.

This next year I will be offering up my services to help other fraternity and sororities document both the Little 500 including any additional fund-raising events during the fall, spring and summer months.  As an avid cyclist and weight lifter I have a passion for the sport.  If you would be interested in discussing how my artistic documentary style can be used to help promote your organization contact me early in the school year so that we can begin planning.

Enjoy the images!