What has been happening…

This past year has been an interesting year.  I held a charity event this past summer that was held at A Summerhouse Inn here in Bloomington where I and the owners of the Inn raised money for Stepping Stones.  (Stepping Stones is a transitional housing and supportive services for youth, ages 16-20, here in Bloomington, IN.)  In addition to this event where I worked to compose portraits for graduates and their families, I also held a free portrait session at Mathers Museum at Indiana University for IU’s Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance students.  I have also kept busy with various assignments at Bloom Magazine and Visit Bloomington and my fine art thesis project titled, “Hidden in Plain Sight”.  All of this and more I will begin to discuss over the coming months as I update and share content with you – my readers and visitors.

Now that Indiana’s cold snowy months are behind us I can finally shed the countless layers of clothing that I wore to stay warm.  To each and everyone I extend a wish for a fabulous Spring.  While I am still busy with the aforementioned projects I still look forward to the chance to working with students and families from Indianapolis and Bloomington.  Over the coming weeks I will start to share some of my projects and update my website portfolio with new work.

In the meantime, if you or someone you know needs images for their business or you would like to update your portrait contact me to set up a free consultation.


Brian Krecik

Samples of portraits…

Following are just a few of the images that came out of the portrait session for IU’s Department of Theater, Drama, and Contemporary Dance.  Included is a portrait of Nemanja Ostoich, a PhD. Candidate at the Jacob School of Performing arts and whose studies in Spanish Classical guitar is a pleasure to enjoy.