A colleague of mine, Caroline Thompson, recently put me to task on a challenge.  The challenge was to create a black and white image, post this to social media, and challenge a fellow artist/friend to do the same.  Perhaps in some small way this is to help promote and ask other to take part in creating art in a medium that is accessible to all – our phones.  Well, unfortunately my phone was out of commission as it was recharging yet I did not let this hold me back (nor should it you, the reader.)  If you only have a phone, or small point and shoot camera, or perhaps a dslr get out and share your vision with others and tell a bit about what inspired you to create the image.

The following image was one that I felt a deep connection with.  Now in my mid 40’s I find myself torn between two worlds – the one I remember from my youth where I reveled in near perfect vision and the one in which I now live.  Gone are the days of reading without a care as today I find it a challenge.  It is the following image that I am sharing as it is a reminder that life isn’t about being perfect.  Rather it is about acknowledging that each of us at one point in our lives need help.  Yet it takes awareness and willingness to reach out and ask for it to make change happen. With that, I present my image, Vision-less.