A Night at the Crazy Horse Restaurant

The Crazy HorseThe results of a photo shoot from The Crazy Horse that ran in Bloom Magazine’s Distinctly Bloomington and is running in this next years edition of Visit Bloomington.  All of this was done in part due to the wonderfully gracious and beautiful Crazy Horse ladies that tend bar and help manage this fine organization and the wonderfully talented Patrick Siney that pulled the advertisement together.

This was a fantastic chance to work directly with the staff on site while the bar was still open.  While there, my assistant and I had to set up soft boxes, strobes, meter the lights, and work over the din of a game that was on at the time all while our gracious models were served free drinks.  The shoot itself started off with the food so that we could have this arranged before we started in with our models.

It was a tough shoot to pull together as we were in a dimly lit room with little room to navigate.  At times I had considered photographing and simply layering the image but in the end I am glad that we worked the shots the way we did.  The warm glow of the copper bar really adds a unique color to the image that draws the eyes.

Off in the wings were the managers and servers that were watching while I and Patrick discussed how the food looked and arranged the scene, first with a drink infused with basil, next came the beer.  In the end it was a blast creating still life images with another artist as the push/pull from our own creative perspectives really added volumes to the final work.

Exceptional food, one of the largest choices of beer in Bloomington, an impressive selection of alcohol, and service that simply can’t be beat.  Why wouldn’t you want to hang out and grab a bite to eat at the Crazy Horse Emporium.