From time to time I like to share artists whose work in various genres I find visually stunning and inspirational.  Rather than share their work on my website that I personally consider appropriation of their work and in turn less about the artists and more about me, I instead will provide for you, the reader, links to their website and gallery where their work is on display.

Inshallah, by Dima Gavrysh is a mesmerizing series of images, not purely for the content and what they depict, rather it is how they are visually unified as a series throughout that makes them unique.  Visually one can see the hand of the artist as they compose images that create a series of textures and light that visually hold the viewers senses long after being viewed.  To see the series be sure to head over to Pictura Gallery or the artists website for a visual treat.

The artists statement

Inshallah (“God willing” in Arabic) is a project that explores the Soviet and American occupations of Afghanistan. It draws upon my childhood fantasies that romanticize the military and intertwines with my past and present personal conflicts. I create a dark fairytale filled with my fears and dreams, based on my fascination with the army’s strength and order, set on the front lines of what has become America’s longest-running war in history. Mesmerized by the complexity of the Afghan chaos, I strive to better comprehend my personal relationship to these wars: two empires, two mentalities, same battlefield, twelve years apart.

Links to the artists work


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