While working for an insurance company in a career as a web application engineer I had the fortune to visit Zurich, Switzerland.  While this was a business trip we were allowed a week of travel allowing us to see the countryside, meet the people, enjoy the food, and to take in the scenery.  While I no longer code for a living professionally, this was an interesting part of my life as I came to appreciate time and how, while working 60 – 80 hour weeks, one can quickly find time passing them by ever so quickly.  It was at this time that I decided all those years ago back in 2000 to go back to school.  While I made a few attempts both at my MBA in business and my Masters in Computer Science none of them really felt like they were for me.  I have always found myself attracted to art, nature, and have strong beliefs in doing something that makes both a difference and that can help others.

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