This coming Friday is my gallery opening at the Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center.  My gallery will be on display in the downstairs exhibition hall.  If you are busy and unable to stop by during the opening night the exhibit runs now through August 19, 2017.  More information can be found on my artist facebook page as well as pertinent information for the gallery  (

Artist Statement

My artwork looks to explore constructs that have social, political, or cultural undertones. In my projects, I look to expose our avoidance with the subject matter while creating a dialogue to discuss the innate beauty that exists around us. In so doing I deconstruct that which we avoid or the distractions that prevent us from coming to terms with the world as a whole.

I often construct the scenes using a slow shutter to add formal lines through the extrusion of time or isolate formal groupings to construct an abstraction of shape. This creates a duality that I look to represent that mirrors the way most of us live life – present but rarely engaged with the world around us. Seen from across the room the images take on an abstract form of shapes and lines. As one approaches the imagery, it evolves and takes on new meaning as the viewer comes to terms with the subject matter.

Warmest regards,

Brian Krecik