Project Description

Walking the alleys and side streets, I look at those elements that provide us with heat, electricity, light. Energy to pull back the cover of darkness and keep us warm in winter, cool in summer. The pipes and wires from which our lives are virtually inseparable protrude from the hard exterior of buildings much like the exposed bones of long-dead carrion – worn by the elements feeding our lives – always present, never resting.

Hidden in Plain Sight is a series that looks to expose the hidden beauty around us that exists in unlikely places outside of our purview and opens up avenues to discuss the foundations of what is art. By taking the ordinary and the mundane – I look for artistic abstractions in unlikely and uncommon places in an effort to jar the audience to become more aware of the world around us.

This photo essay is a fine art portfolio using elements of line, shape, color, and texture to express a visual narrative to engage the viewer through a linguistically based concept with a formally strong abstract visual style. I am presenting the eighteen images on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique in a fifteen-inch format of 4×5 and 2×3 ratios matted and framed.