During the summer of 2015 I was commissioned to create a series of images for a competition between three bartenders from Bloomington various restaurants – Nick Matio from C3,  Andrew Wind from Uptown Cafe, and Emmie O’Connor from the Malibu Grill.  The toughest challenge of the entire series was finding a way to create consistency when I did not have control over the shoot location.  Rather than having each bartender come to me where I shot the images in a studio, I traveled to each bar and had to  setup while, at the same time, create a consistent look and feel across all 6 images.  From the dark, tight confines of Malibu Grill’s bar to the spacious roominess of C3 with a warm marble counter.  Where I started however was at Uptown Cafe’s bar well before they got busy.  By acknowledging what it is that this even was trying to showcase I used the idea of a black tie event.  To accomplish this I made ever attempt to limit the background while at the same time setting the stage to highlight the ingredients from each drink.  What follows are the 6 drink images from each bar, Enjoy!